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We understand the importance of progressive growth in business or offices and thus...

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Why Girivan?

At Girivan, we have a team of dedicated individuals and organizations working cumulatively to ensure timely exectuions..
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    At Girivan Ghatkopar, we aim to bring you a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle without the hassles of worrying about everyday life. For this reason, we have ensured that most daily necessities are provided in the neighbourhood of the project itself.
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The Girivan Legacy

Looking into the etymology of 'Girivan'- it literally means 'a forest abundant with green mountains and hills'. Girivan is the verdant abode of nature each one of us dreams to live in, an ideal setting where you revel in peace. With decadws of experience, Garodia Grop is one of India's premium real estate developers. The focus has been to create state of the art residential, commercial and IT spaces, and integrated townships. The group has spread its roots across major suburbs in Mumbai with luxurious residential projects in Thane, Malad, Chembur and in their home ground - Ghatkopar. Girivan Woods, the Group in Lonavala, near Pune, has launched a spacious arena of unmatched amenities that ranges from villas to apartments. Frontrunners and promoters of premium homes, which are affordable yet elegant for the tastes of a common man, reputed to have delivered quality homes, the Garodia Group raises the bar every time, setting up new benchmarks in real estate development projects. The Group owns a private planned complex in Ghatkopar, named after the company's name - Garodia Nagar. A sprawling spread of more than 2,30,000 sq. mtrs. Garodia Nagar is a township of more than 204 residential and commercial buildings. The Group works towards enriching the society with education and is a socially responsible corporate citizen. P.G. Garodia School is the living example that has stemmed from the same idea. From conceptualizing designs to delivering homes that have unique identities, the Garodia Group stands for the best industry practices in infrastructure developement.

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Mind Behind The Girivan

A mind behind theGirivan Ghatkopar (West) Mumbai Garodia Nagar Thank You.

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